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Line drawing with Lisa Congdon on Creativebug.



One of my Loves and Muses -and probably the most important one- is light: I love to play with it and it always inspires me. My absolute favourite is the natural one: that’s one of the reasons why I really like -and often feel the need- to travel. Evening light in the south of France is very different from the one we have here, nights in Ecuador feel magical because of the Southern Cross, the beauty of a sunset over the Mont Blanc is really touching. I could go on like this for hours and hours.

Not only natural light fascinates me: as I often treat myself with adding some changes to the in- and exterior of our little home, I also have a whole stock of lamps, little lights and candles at our place. The one presented above is the newest: Veritas┬árecently sold some of its visual┬ádisplay props and I found a lot of treasures, e.g. this tube lamp that I’ve got in green and in purple now.

Warm greetings from one happy lady with a twinkle in her eyes

PS: the bird painting is courtesy of Lily