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Winter in this part of the world looks like autumn. We are having plenty of grey and rainy weather, typical autumn storms included: nevertheless, I feel like hibernating and cocooning. Cold after cold and seasonal traditions also remind me of the essence of winter. This is the time to reflect, to dream of and plan the -amazing- year lying ahead, to indulge oneself with delightful teas and colourful, energizing food, to sit on the sofa under a cosy and colourful blanket, surrounded by candles, listening to the sounds of wintery nature and wearing layers and layers of warm and comfy clothes. What else is better than reading a book then?

As we are in the third week of 2014 and as I realized I almost finished my third book, I have a new challenge for myself. This year, I’ll try to read one book a week and I’ll share the journey with you. For me, reading is like traveling and the world is a book. That’s -only one of the reasons- why ‘move’ is my word for 2014: I’d love to explore as many places as possible this year and to get to know more people from all over the world, by both reading and traveling. We spent last weekend in the Netherlands and some hours in one of my favourite bookshops in Germany as well and my collection of books expanded significantly. This lady feels one happy lady when she can combine both her love for books and the thrill of new places: I’d never leave a place or a country without having visited at least one of its bookshops. The huge pile of books I recenly bought will remain a secret for you, my dear audience, until I’ll have read them. For now, I’ll only be sharing the ones I read during the last couple of weeks.

Week 1:  ‘Das Glücksburo’ by Andreas Izquierdo. The book was a gift from Lily from The Red Notebook (thank you so much, dear friend) and I not only loved every single page and the way this book warmed my heart, I also was very surprised by the plot that I never could have imagined. It left me speechless and kept me awake for some hours after I finished the book, it made me extra aware of the beauty and uniqueness of every single moment we have in this life and of the incomparable worth of Love with a capital L. Das Glücksbüro also has its proper website. If you’d want to read some reviews, please have a look here and here.

Week 2: ‘Grace. Een memoir’ by Grace Coddington, the Dutch translation of the original ‘Grace. A memoir’. As some of you already know, I love people and I can get very fascinated by their stories. That’s why connecting with people almost feels like a hobby to me and I’d never let a chance go by to have a talk with someone: from small talk with people on the bus or while having a walk in nature to hours and hours of talking with and listening to people, sharing about their lives, loves, strengths and weaknesses, adventures, visions, goals, beliefs and -above all- passions. As this is not always possible -because some people I admire already passed away, live too far away, have to busy lives or are too famous to have personal contact with, I very often read interviews, memoirs and biographies. The passion for this sort of reading already started when I was at primary school and I still have tons and tons of articles in my personal archives. During those days, classical music and words were my biggest passions and I got to know details and details of the lives of the composers I admired. How I dreamt of leading a life in Vienna, Salzburg or Paris … Back to ‘Grace. Een memoir’ now: I am not really into fashion, but those days I tend to read a lot about creative people, in a very broad sense of the word. It was a delight to get a glimpse into the world of the red-haired creative director of Vogue: I guess many of you remember her from The September Issue. She shares authentically about her career in London and New York, her work for Vogue and Klein,weeks and weeks of traveling all over the world, the combination work-relationship etc. etc. Her admirable dedication to fashion, how she writes about the many connections she has thanks to her job and her cute, original, very detailed, stylish and -more than once- humoristic illustrations spoke to me in particular. If you’d want to know how other people liked this book, you could have a look here and/or here.

Week 3: ‘My Berlin Kitchen. A Love Story, with Recipes’ by Luisa Weiss. To be honest: as the third week has one and a half day left, I am still reading the book. As we were away, I didn’t have as much time during the weekend as I thought to have. Nevertheless, being more than halfway, I already can say that this book is one of my favourite books ever as it reads like music. Thank you so much, dearest Stephanie, for recommending it in one of your last courses and using it in your actual one as well. Thank you so much, dearest cousin, as I felt really grateful to get it as a birthday present. In a certain way, Luisa Weiss’s memoir makes me think of Pia Jane Bijkerk‘s ‘my heart wanders‘ which I also loved to the deepest and recommended some of my dearest people. Both are related to ‘move’, my word of the year. Daring and showing the bravery to take a leap, the importance of and the longing for a sense of belonging, how food can (re)create the feeling of home, authentic writing and sharing and what one does for love are only some of the themes and some of the reasons why I like both Weiss’s and Bijkerk’s books so much. Where ‘My Berlin Kitchen’ mainly plays in New York, Paris and Berlin, Bijkerk writes about Australia, Paris and Amsterdam.  Both women illustrate their lifestyle in a different way, alongside their words: Weiss by sharing easy-to-make, mouthwatering recipes, Bijkerk by seducing your senses with her unique photography. For the German-speaking among you, I do have some good news: a German translation from the original English version of Weiss’s book is available since last November: ‘My Berlin Kitchen. Eine Liebesgeschichte’. It was really tempting to buy the German version as well in Mayersche, but for now, I’ll concentrate on the next 49 books I am planning to read this year and I’ll postpone  a reading of the German translation until next year, when I hope to have visited both Paris and Berlin for the first time in my 34 year young life. If you’d want to read other people’s opinions on Weiss’s book, please have a look here and here.

I would love to know how you like reading, what the importance of reading is in your unique life, if you have read and/or would love to read one of these books, how your reading rituals and/or practice looks like and if you’d love to join me on this ‘One book a week’ journey … Looking forward to reading what you’ll be sharing with me.

Love and happy reading time!

cococita x

PS: both Pia Jane Bijkerk and Luisa Weiss have blogs. You can find Pia’s here and Luisa’s here.

PPS: you could still join me in Stephanie Levy’s Creative Courageous Year course and/or sign up for the winter edition. I’d love to embark on this long year adventure together with you.



One of my Loves and Muses -and probably the most important one- is light: I love to play with it and it always inspires me. My absolute favourite is the natural one: that’s one of the reasons why I really like -and often feel the need- to travel. Evening light in the south of France is very different from the one we have here, nights in Ecuador feel magical because of the Southern Cross, the beauty of a sunset over the Mont Blanc is really touching. I could go on like this for hours and hours.

Not only natural light fascinates me: as I often treat myself with adding some changes to the in- and exterior of our little home, I also have a whole stock of lamps, little lights and candles at our place. The one presented above is the newest: Veritas recently sold some of its visual display props and I found a lot of treasures, e.g. this tube lamp that I’ve got in green and in purple now.

Warm greetings from one happy lady with a twinkle in her eyes

PS: the bird painting is courtesy of Lily


This morning, when I opened my blog page, I found a congratulations message from WordPress. ‘estudios de cococita’ exists exactly two years and one day now and you can’t imagine how grateful I feel for this virtual place.

A lot has happened since the day that I wrote my first blog post ever. I can still remember how I felt: very excited and quite nervous as well, as it was a rather special experience to share something with the world. Days and days later, this place has become my second home. I know I don’t post that frequently, but one thing is for sure: whenever I am here, I come to this place wholeheartedly.

I want to take this opportunity to thank some people in particular:

*Little Miss Joey for treating me with the reason that I started blogging; *Vicki Dvorak from Simply Hue Designs who made me aware of the power of creativity and who gave me the unique chance to assist her in Raining Umbrellas a few times; *Lily from The Red Notebook for showing me the beauty of her country and for spoiling me with good old mail; *Claudia from wide-eyed-tree for being an inspiration and sharing the love for nature and art with me; * Flora Bowley for awakening my passion for acrylic painting and being the enthusiastic and inspiring soul she is, having taught me much more than only working with shapes, colours, a canvas and a brush; *Susannah Conway for her life-changing courses, giving me so many insights and letting me rediscover the authentic me and for being a leading light; *Erica Lowe from the watercolour journals for being the lovely lady she is, for meeting up in real life and for letting me participate in the pilot project of her Exploring Drawing; *my dear friends of my international creativity circle and reading group, for being there for me always and for sharing their many experiences with each other and with me; *Joy from Born Joy, for being the fascinating lady she is, always surprising me with her fabulous photographic eye and her food for thought. *my dear cousin Michael Heaven, for walking his path, for being the great musician and soulful person he is, for showing me what it means to keep faith, for sharing his love for music with me and for being a real friend; *the many people from all over the world I got to know by participating in online-courses for being on the same journey and traveling with me, in good and bad times; *all my readers and followers for wanting to spend some time here and leaving thoughtful comments and -last but not least- *my dearest, for being my first reader, for listening, for sharing this adventure, called life, with me, for being there for me whenever I need him and wherever he is, for believing in me and my potential, for encouraging and supporting me to make my dreams come true and for his endless love.


Much love


Today I am grateful for

(the painting is by me, the bird card is by Lily from The Red Notebook)

living in a home with a heart:

feeling at home


(Cameron, Julia, ‘Finding The Water’ < Cameron, Julia, ‘The Complete Artist’s Way. Creativity as a Spiritual Practice’, p. 579)

the right book chapter at the right moment.

Today I am grateful for

cute little streets -especially this one, although it’s called Hell Street- at the Beguinage of my city


miracles of nature. You could have a look here or here for more wonders of nature.

Today I am grateful for

some water (finally!) after a too hot day,

little treats for myself from The Body Shop and the nature shop


this treasure that I found in my mailbox (thank you, Lily!).

Today I am grateful for

time for me, myself and I at our new place


the bed and the aubergine colour in my studio. The cute owl is made by Lily who sent it to me as a present.