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Today I am grateful forĀ a short visit to the charity shop. I really feel bad and do have a lot of pain the last couple of days, need a lot of sleep and am not the most pleasant woman to live with now, but I decided to give it a go despite the horrible pain and went outside for about an hour as I needed some fresh air and some inspiration.

And I am grateful for the lovely things I found:

a plate in my favourite shade of mauve and a flowery silk scarf (L.O.V.E. the design and the colours: inspiration for my paintings),

this adorable plate (bought a set of them) which will serve as a palet for my painting and this kind of fork which I’ll use as an etcher to add some texture


a skirt in adorable green to add some colour to these grey and too cold days and to let Miss Spring know she would be very welcome and Paris by Emile Zola. Never went to Paris and never read anything by this author, so I am really looking forward to this reading adventure.