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Today I am grateful for

having a cup of rooibos tea in the sunshine, enabling me to pause for a moment,

patterns on our balcony,

finding this photo by Lily while decluttering and packing for our move (didn’t know it was in the envelope),



this evening sky.

Today I am grateful for

finding back old stuff, like this purse, filled with money (which is great as I booked a ticket to the UK yesterday and forgot to book an included train ticket from my place to Brussels, so it will be a bit more expensive, but I won’t feel it that much, as these coins will help me out),

moments of sunshine on a grey and stormy day, creating

these lovely patterns,

decluttering (one of my dearest friends, Little Miss Joey, wrote a blog post about it last year which I still remember)


my actual and very cosy place, seen from our terrace. I will miss this really, but something new is waiting for us and I can’t wait to move in and start to decorate, to create a new home! I do love new beginnings! Do you?

Today I am grateful for

blueberries and strawberries,

discovering the different patterns of these two blueberries (yes, they are really shaped like this)


bright sunshine and a blue sky.

Today I am grateful for

1.5 hour of energizing painting,

these beautiful gifts by Nature (love these patterns in the snow: they really inspire me)

and the welcome warmth of a winter sunset.

Wishing all of you a delightful weekend!