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Line drawing with Lisa Congdon on Creativebug.





Today I am grateful for

studying photography. I am just half way in Susannah Conway‘s Photo Meditations and it’s lovely to meet aspiring photographers from all over the world and to share photos and experiences. This course and the many new contacts are really inspiring, and so are the comments on my photos. I love to learn and I am learning a lot.

Did you notice my green nail polish? I am grateful too for practicing my word for 2012: letting go. Today is the very first time I put a green colour on my finger nails and I pretty much like it, as I have green(grey) eyes. Used to think a lot of what other people would think, but now, I don’t care and the last couple of weeks, I am experimenting with my style and with the colours I wear.

(I know, it’s quite a mess on our dinner table, but it’s always like that when my dearest is abroad and I am doing creative things … Especially on grey days when I prefer to add some colour to my day by creating or being creative. That’s why I love having the outlook on my own studio. At least, our living room will be tidy then. And didn’t I just say my word for 2012 is letting go?)