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Springy feeling on a freezing cold and grey winter day

Today I am grateful for

the first cold temperatures of this year’s autumn,

finding out that Little Miss Joey and I took quite the same photo at the same time,

a beautiful day,

these lovely ladies,

my own spa (what does feel better than a hot bath on a cold night?)


delicious crumble and tea before going to bed. (I like to cross the lines now and then)

Today I am grateful for my dearest, because of 1001 reasons,

for my father, sending me

this ladybird as a little gift (photo by him)

and for

the warmth and colourfulness of these candles on a cold, dark and grey day.

Today I am grateful for little lights and cozy corners at home on a cold, grey and rainy day.

Today I am grateful for a beautiful sunset, after a very cold but sunny autumn day.

Today I am grateful for music from Ecuador. As I am ‘unravelling’, I am taking photos of my favourite things. My photo album of my trip to and through Ecuador is really important to me and while photographing it, I had the idea to listen to the sounds of this marvellous ‘little’ country in South America. It adds some warmth and imaginative colour to a cold and grey Belgian autumn day.