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Line drawing with Lisa Congdon on Creativebug.







The more I create and listen to my inner voice, the more my artwork reflects who I really am.

Creativity teaches me so much about life in general: learning to go step by step, keeping faith, the delights of playfulness, letting go, being patient, accepting that some layers are just the way they are, realizing that we can take a new chance every single second …

(participating in this challenge)

Today I am grateful for

the train bringing me to the region where both my parents live,

family time at my mom’s place


art at the city where she currently lives.

Today I am grateful for

art at the central station (made by Guido Van Damme, an artist from Antwerp),

a walk through the beautiful Beguinage of Lier, the city where I am going to live in only 2,5 weeks,

my cousin, indicating me this rose, which has a marvelous scent,

the art and beauty of nature


exclusive me-time before going to bed.

Today I am grateful for

seeing the result of the painting work in our bedroom in daylight (note: we still have to paint the door, it will be as white as the baseboards),

the outlook on living in a little city with a lot of green,

wild flowers



housing not only people but also a lot of birds. Do you see the bird in the picture?


for being able

to put the kettle on as I found this one today!

Today I am grateful for

staying in bed for a big part of the day after an exhausting day of painting and having a broken car in the middle of the night,

an evening walk through the beautiful city of Antwerp

in the magnificent evening light, accentuating the adorable architecture,

discovering stunning art under a bridge, a rather unexpected place to find something like this,

for pausing a while to have a cup of coffee and a refreshing drink, while reading the paper and a magazine

and for the silence of the park on our way home.