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Line drawing with Lisa Congdon on Creativebug.

A little less than 2 months ago, I promised you that I’d announce some great news soon. Today, time has come to lift the veil. In about 7 months, we’ll be living in one of Europe’s southern regions, where the sky on most winter days is looking like this,


where you can have a siesta on the terrace in December


and have tea and write outside in early spring, without having to wear a jacket and layers and layers of clothes.



We will be living in a small village, next to the river Verdon and rather close to the city where you can see this mountain (in the background)


that has been an inspiration to Paul Cézanne for several times.

From next autumn on, French Provence will be my daily canvas. I feel so happy and grateful as I have been dreaming of emigrating for years and years: I love the country of ‘du pain, du vin et du boursin’, its diversity in landscapes, cities and villages, its poetical language, its adorable nature and its joie de vivre.

Since today, one thing is for sure: the birds in our French garden will have a home


as soon as we will live in our new house.










Winter does not feel

like it usually does.

Global warming sucks.




Hi dear all!

I am a little bit late, but as it will still be the first month of a brand new year for a while, I am taking the chance now to wish each and every single one of you a fabulous, fantastic and fortunate 2014! I know for sure it will be a good and also a very special one!

My dearest and I already set some important and decisive steps during these first couple of days of the brand new year: that’s exactly the reason why I didn’t find the time to publish a post. We were abroad so I am only sharing glimpses of the first day of  2014 now! I’ll be announcing some great news soon, so please stay tuned …

Would love to hear how your new year has begun, how it is feeling for you and what you expect from the next weeks and months. Do you also believe in the miracle of current year?

Much love

moi x