This morning, when I opened my blog page, I found a congratulations message from WordPress. ‘estudios de cococita’ exists exactly two years and one day now and you can’t imagine how grateful I feel for this virtual place.

A lot has happened since the day that I wrote my first blog post ever. I can still remember how I felt: very excited and quite nervous as well, as it was a rather special experience to share something with the world. Days and days later, this place has become my second home. I know I don’t post that frequently, but one thing is for sure: whenever I am here, I come to this place wholeheartedly.

I want to take this opportunity to thank some people in particular:

*Little Miss Joey for treating me with the reason that I started blogging; *Vicki Dvorak from Simply Hue Designs who made me aware of the power of creativity and who gave me the unique chance to assist her in Raining Umbrellas a few times; *Lily from The Red Notebook for showing me the beauty of her country and for spoiling me with good old mail; *Claudia from wide-eyed-tree for being an inspiration and sharing the love for nature and art with me; * Flora Bowley for awakening my passion for acrylic painting and being the enthusiastic and inspiring soul she is, having taught me much more than only working with shapes, colours, a canvas and a brush; *Susannah Conway for her life-changing courses, giving me so many insights and letting me rediscover the authentic me and for being a leading light; *Erica Lowe from the watercolour journals for being the lovely lady she is, for meeting up in real life and for letting me participate in the pilot project of her Exploring Drawing; *my dear friends of my international creativity circle and reading group, for being there for me always and for sharing their many experiences with each other and with me; *Joy from Born Joy, for being the fascinating lady she is, always surprising me with her fabulous photographic eye and her food for thought. *my dear cousin Michael Heaven, for walking his path, for being the great musician and soulful person he is, for showing me what it means to keep faith, for sharing his love for music with me and for being a real friend; *the many people from all over the world I got to know by participating in online-courses for being on the same journey and traveling with me, in good and bad times; *all my readers and followers for wanting to spend some time here and leaving thoughtful comments and -last but not least- *my dearest, for being my first reader, for listening, for sharing this adventure, called life, with me, for being there for me whenever I need him and wherever he is, for believing in me and my potential, for encouraging and supporting me to make my dreams come true and for his endless love.


Much love