Hi dear all

Just a couple of minutes ago, I gave birth to a brand new project. I love interior decoration, was rearranging something in our living room and came across

this quote on Facebook (image courtesy: i can read). While I was  bouncing on my trampoline, I got this idea: from now on I will play with the little white cupboard in our living room. In fact, it’s a shoe cabinet (new by Hemnes, Ikea) but I use it for other purposes. As it’s really narrow in that particular place of our house, this was the best solution if I’d really want a piece of furniture to be creative with and to redecorate following my mood and the seasons.

In concrete: each week I will change the decoration of this part of our living room and post photos of it. My dearest will be happy with this project as well, as I will try to keep this part decluttered, instead of using it as a second studio at our place.

As you can see, I chose a serene decoration for this first week. I love the beauty of simplicity.

(mannequin jewelry holder: Magasins du Monde; tea light candle holder: Casa)

This project will also challenge my interior photography skills. Looking forward to next week already. During this week, I will add some more photos, as weather circumstances and therefore light have their impact on how this corner of my home look like.

Have a cosy and relaxing Sunday evening and a wonderful week!


cococita x