Today I am grateful for

a visit to one of my dearest friends who lives in the city where I started to study 15 years ago and lived for almost 11 years,

finding a beautiful card from Lily at our new place,

plenty of sunshine and (almost) daily water, enabling me to see my carvel and radishes grow,

an inspiring and intriguing book by Jane Goodall, teaching me a lot about wildlife and environment conservation,


month to go before we move to our new house which starts to feel like a home already,

having finished

months of this project -can you believe? I really feel grateful for having started this project as it really changed the way I am looking to this world and its precious gifts- and yes, for refreshing pineapple too, at the end of a very warm day it’s extra tasty


-last but not least- for three years (or 36 months or 1096 days) of Love and the vibrant red roses I got from my dearest.