Today I am grateful for a lot of things: a relaxing head massage and brand new haircut (which really suits me and reveals the real me –> lucky me, I do have the best hairdresser ever: it’s the woman you can see on the photo and she only works with ecological products which makes me even more happy), the unpacking of a huge Amazon package (will write a post about it later: thanks a lot, Debby, for the inspiration), a bit more colour in my wardrobe, lovely, colourful and warm accessories for the winter and to gallivant with through the streets of Aix-en-Provence, enabling me to photograph in this cold month of the year (I will go in the beginning of December and feel so excited), a very inspiring assignment in my photography course, some lovely messages from friends I haven’t seen for a long time … but the most grateful I am for a cup of chamomile tea and my delicious self made carrot walnut cake with a personal touch.