It has been such a long time since I have posted a ‘regular’ blog post. And I quite miss it, posting about life, about creative projects, inspiration etcetera. That’s why I decided to give it a go again.

Today is a sunny autumn day. Not the most easy one, ’cause I am ill since the beginning of the week and today my parents will get divorced officially. But … more and more I am realizing there are things in life which are just like they are and worrying about them will not change these facts. I am learning to make the best of it, no matter what is happening. That’s why I love creativity and nature so much (among some other things). They are so helpful!

Look at the sky on a certain moment today. Isn’t it wonderful? It looks so soft and the fluffiness of the clouds make me want to have a walk out there.

My boyfriend wanted me to rest today, but I really don’t like to do nothing. So I decided to bake something: chocolate chip muffins. This way, I got a little surprise for him when he comes home from work tonight … And our flat scents delicious, really like ‘home’.

Would be lovely to have a cup of tea and a delicious muffin with all of you, dear readers, wouldn’t it? But who knows: maybe one day?

While I am writing this post, birds are singing their most virtuoso songs in the gardens of the neighbours … Isn’t life miraculous? There is always something that can cheer you up, no matter what …

Wishing you a lovely day!

Warm hug

cococita x