“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
(Marcel Proust)

This is one of the green places near my home. I love to go there and to see the season changing.

This domain is property of the province. A little paradise for people who don’t have a garden themself. I am one of them. Every time I visit I discover something new. The power of nature is one of those things I am really grateful for, as a source of authentic beauty.

I think you can guess now why I adore the combination of green, mauve and turquoise so much.

This is really a peaceful and relaxing place, especially during the week. I like to have a walk there, to sit on a bench for a while, enjoying this beautiful place, filled with a big diversity of fauna and flora and to reflect … Or to photograph the reflections.

Sunset at my place, yesterday evening.

Isn’t life just miraculous?