I couldn’t. If I wouldn’t be able to buy and/or read books, I would write them myself.

As autumn is on its way, as the days become shorter and as I am having a lot of quality-time for me, myself and I the next months, I decided to order some books to accompany me.

They were scheduled to arrive only at the end of September, but they are here already! I feel happy as a child, as I L.O.V.E. books. Could talk for hours and hours about this love which started in my early childhood (or better, very very early) and will probably be my last too …

Do you want to unpack the package with me?

Here we go …

I will review them for you in the coming weeks. At first glance I am especially enthusiastic about Patti Digh’s books and Marquez’ biography, but we’ll see. I am ready to let me be surprised by the other books too.

Happy greetz

cococita x

PS: feel free to share the titles of some of your favourite books with me. I’d like to know which books inspire you, touch you, make you laugh, changed your life …