It wasn’t really easy to choose where my ‘U’ stands for. But suddenly I realized: what would our country be without the existence of umbrellas? And what would I be without the existence of Raining Umbrellas? Thanks to Vicki’s fantastic E-course, I started this blog. Thanks to her inspiration and stimulating words, I’m leading this creative life.  And one of the things I’m doing daily on the creative level is taking photographs. More and more I am practising on the road, ’cause I feel more and more confident. I took this photos in Britain, exactly one week ago. And yes, it was raining.

But thanks to the rain, I got this beautiful reflection. I can be grateful for raindrops and happy as a child.

And yes, also elder(ly) people in Britain think about colour combinations.

Unfortunately I forgot my umbrella somewhere on the street, while taking photographs. Couldn’t take the risk being without one in O., so I had to buy a new one. Actually not really quality, but I like the colours. Do you?

Maybe you want to know where the word umbrella comes from? Here is a bit of etymology: ‘umbrella’ evolved from the Latin ‘umbella’ (an ‘umbel’ is a flat-topped rounded flower) or ‘umbra’, meaning ‘shaded’.

I know, I promised you to be creative on different creative levels. Until now, I only used photography to illustrate this alphabet. But I am working on something extra on the ‘U’. To be continued soon …

I wish you all a warm and lovely weekend!

Dear greetz