Yesterday was a rather difficult day, on many levels. And no, I’m not gonna be lazy and choose Yesterday as the term where ‘Y’ stands for. Today is another day and today is a sunny day, on many levels. This post, dear all, is about ‘You’. Seriously, what would life be without ‘you’ and the meaning of it?

‘You’ make my life much more beautiful. As a box of pencils can give colour to a piece of paper, ‘you’ give colour to my life. And as there are many pencils, all very different to each other, there are many of ‘you’. That’s one of the most important reasons why I love life so much, even if sometimes it’s difficult. ‘You’ make me happy to be here, as a little part of this big world.

Because I am fascinated by ‘your’ personality and by the way ‘you’ look to the world. Because I am intrigued by ‘your’ way of living. Because I can share  joy and sorrow with ‘you’. Because ‘you’ inspire me. Because ‘you’ are the one who makes me cry and ‘you’ are the one who makes me smile. Because without ‘you’, life would be monotonous.

 ‘You’ are the colour of my life.

Thank ‘you’ for being there: ‘you’ mean a lot to me!