People may think the weather in Belgium is always awful. Well, in fact, it isn’t. Look at this blue sky and it’s only Spring.

In fact I do love the season of Spring very much. Look at this beautiful chive flower. So simple, but so nice, with such a delicate pink/mauve colour.

And I am the lucky woman who has the opportunity to work on my project for Raining Umbrellas in this idyllic setting. The theme of last week’s assignment was Changing Seasons. I do have a lot of ideas which I still want to work out. Today I only realized a little one. This time at the kitchen table. One should work in a different place from time to time. It can feed one’s creativity.

Like I said, I only did a little creative something today.

 With the choice of the colours and the textures of the materials I used, I wanted to reflect some qualities of the seasons. And I added a little symbol to each season, as a so called attribute. I hope you like it.

This is only the very beginning ’cause I had some problems with my camera.

To be continued …

Sunny greetings