I do have lots of photos with clouds. They can be so fascinating, so different and always make me dream. Today was a cloudy day in Belgium, even if the sky had that kind of idyllic blue you only see in your dreams or in magazines.

The next one is inspired by a photo made by Little Miss Joey.

One of the materials I have not been using for ages are my wax crayons. I decided to let them come out of one of my creative material boxes where they were storaged all this time and just let my fingers follow my intuition. This is what happened. Not so much. But I like the textures you can create with wax crayons, so I know for sure this won’t be the last time I will use them. The flower and the card on the left of the page are a little present from a friend. Their colours inspired me for this little try-out.

(Translation of the text on the card: ‘Good books never bore’)

In the same storage box I found oil paint tubes. I’m such a lucky girl. My own stuff seems to contain so many treasures to experiment with. Without Raining Umbrellas I wouldn’t have rediscovered them …

Have a nice Saturday night and a lovely and inspiring Sunday!